Recently, Alex Thomas unveiled her new website which seeks to celebrate rural women and amplify the improvement of work health and safety in rural industries.

In 2018, Alex was a recipient of an Augusta Zadow Award and was presented with $20,000 to support her campaign for safety in rural industries, which has among the highest number of injuries and fatalities of any industry nationwide.

The stories of 14 rural women from across Australia have been profiled so far, from industries including fishing, horticulture, farming and pastoralism. Each story includes practical advice on how to improve work health and safety in a rural setting. Alex is sharing these stories to empower people to manage their risks and reduce the number of people hurt in rural industries.

Whilst the campaign is only early in its inception, discussions are underway with stakeholders from New Zealand and the United Kingdom at the possibility of taking the #PlantASeedForSafety (and #SaveALifeListenToYourWife!) campaign global.

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