From large multi-national corporates to small family businesses, cultural accountability programs to no-nonsense guidance for fishers; Alex seeks to work with you to provide a range of tailored services.

Public Speaker

An authentic mix of personal narrative, dry humour and a compelling call to action; Alex’s passion, energy and ‘TED’ style of speaking seeks to engage and connect with each and every person in the room. 

From national conferences to field days, industry forums to Australia Day celebrations, Alex has inspired audiences at a number events across Australia, on topics including:

  • work health and safety in rural industries;
  • engaging and empowering rural women for change;
  • drought and community resilience;
  • mental health and wellbeing, and;
  • diversity and inclusion for rural youth.

If you can’t find something on the list or perhaps you’re in the market for a panellist or a Master of Ceremonies, Alex is more than happy to work with you to develop a customised solution.

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Workshop co-design and facilitation

Whether you’re starting with the end in mind, or seek to engage your participants on an iterative journey of appreciative inquiry; Alex has contributed to the co-design and facilitation of work health, safety and wellbeing related workshops with over 80 different organisations to date.

By virtue of a detailed process of prior research and preparation, Alex leverages connection, communication and collaboration to move hearts and minds from disengaged and divisive, to articulate and accountable.

Organisational and industry strategic planning

Say goodbye to negative, reactive and disempowering lag safety indicators, and an almighty HELLO! To a strengths-based paradigm shift, and to the enhancement of tangible, risk-centric strategic planning, fast-tracking you towards achieving the ultimate goal; that is, to prevent people from getting hurt whilst at work

Whether you’re an industry association, a small family business or a large multinational corporate, enabling positive work health, safety and wellbeing outcomes requires the establishment of informed and meaningful objectives, inputs and outputs. 

No matter where your industry or organisation is placed on the journey towards cultural maturity, Alex can help facilitate the development of short, medium and long term plans that reinforce accountability and pave the way for continual improvement. 

Qualitative and quantitative review

As leaders, there are times when we are compromised by the incessant day-to-day grind in our capacity to foresee, navigate and manage the known-unknowns – and moreover, the unknown-unknowns – particularly when it comes to the seemingly intangible health, safety and wellbeing of people.

Whilst traditional-style audits and inspections aren’t outside of Alex’s remit, at times, the rigid nature of such tools can impede an organisation’s ability to ascertain a true account of ‘what’s really going on’ within an organisation. 

Whether you’re traversing significant change, implementing a new concept or are simply in need of an independent ‘organisational barometer’; a review of the interplay between your systems, people and the work environment can help identify new opportunities, expose critical challenges, and inform your ‘next steps’; reducing risk, and enabling continual improvement.

Academic research co-investigation

Looking for a curious co-investigator with a wealth of industry experience and a passion for bridging the gap between research and reality, extension and outcome?

Currently engaged on a Commonwealth-funded project that seeks to ‘Identify the barriers to adoption of safe work practices in commercial fisheries‘, Alex has also conducted her own self-directed research on ‘exploring the context of best practice in work health and safety in the South Australian and Norwegian fisheries‘. 

From facilitating focus groups to report writing, industry surveys to literature reviews; Alex brings diversity of thought, excellent written and verbal communication skills and an innate desire to question and reflect… bolstering the integrity of your research, and making a real difference to the people on the ground. 

Program and systems development

From smart safety management plans to cultural accountability programs for corporates, Alex seeks to reduce bureaucratic clutter and to recalibrate the value proposition of work health and safety from ‘box-ticking’ to simply preventing people from getting hurt. 

Whether it’s contractor or crisis management, a realignment of risk or reporting frameworks – or even the co-creation of something entirely different – Alex has fresh eye for identifying what works, what doesn’t work and what could be done differently, better

With over 13 years of experience and an extensive knowledge of work health and safety legislation, AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, Alex will work with you (and your workforce!) to review, re-align, simplify or design tailored systems and programs that just… work!