Born and raised in a notoriously dry part of South Australia, I’m effectively a ‘drought baby’. As a result, I have a comical fetish for even the slightest sniff of a wet front coming down from the north, the sound of rain on a tin roof and the (not-so) cumbersome task of fixing flood gates.

But this presentation isn’t about me – it’s about the profound and lasting impact that one person’s response to a crisis can have on their family and their livelihood. It’s about unpacking the internal and external influences that inform our choices, and about taking back control over our health, safety and wellbeing.

This presentation has been designed for anyone wanting to explore the social context of health, safety and wellbeing in rural communities, and is particularly useful for rural audiences currently navigating a crisis. It challenges the stigma surrounding mental health, and encourages the audience to be uplifted and motivated to do things differently.