93% of work-related fatalities in agriculture happen to men. What role can women play in reducing this shocking statistic?

There’s no denying that rural women are the backbone of rural industries and communities.

They’re key influencers in their homes, businesses, communities and industries, and they’re already inspiring those around them to make safer, healthier choices.

Women have been planting seeds in the minds of men for generations, but how is this conversation currently taking place, and what needs to be done to amplify it? How is her role any different, and what can she do to dismantle the ‘tough as nails’ mentality amongst rural men?

This presentation is designed for anyone who’d like an insight into the unique role rural women play in improving health and safety, what it means to ‘plant a seed for safety’ and why more men should save a life, by listening to their wife!

This presentation is suitable for both male and female audiences, and explores the underpinning theory for social change initiative #PlantASeedForSafety.