Whether you’re starting with the end in mind or seek to engage your participants on an iterative journey of appreciative inquiry, Alex has contributed to the co-design and facilitation of work health and safety workshops with over 80 different organisations to date.

By virtue of a detailed process of prior research and preparation, Alex leverages connection, communication and collaboration to move hearts and minds from disengaged and divisive, to articulate and accountable.

Topics have include:

  • What’s in a ‘safety culture’?
  • Compliance versus care: shifting the narrative and re-calibrating the ‘why’
  • Work health and safety and the brain: why people do (or don’t!) do what they do
  • Risk management, differently: assume nothing and question EVERYTHING!
  • Statutory sense-making: what you are actually legally responsible for
  • Due diligence for dummies
  • What is ‘safety leadership’?
  • “But they did it in mining!” – myth busting safety in small business
  • Safety in rural industries: a socio-ecological perspective
  • The power of language: how to have an effective conversation about safety